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Secret To Success - Mister Spex’s Data-based Customer Journey



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Tobias Streffer

Chief Data & Corporate Development Officer, Mister Spex

Portrait Tobias Streffer

We asked companies about innovative approaches to data usage. Tobias Streffer explains how Mister Spex is breaking new ground in the eyewear industry by using data.

How does your company innovate around using data?

Until now, the optical industry has hardly used data. One of the reasons is that it seemed impossible to sell glasses online for a long time. With Mister Spex, we have proven that it is possible to sell eyewear on the web - and at the same time, we consider it to be a decisive advantage over traditional retailers. We evaluate product fits, returns, click rates, etc. and use this data to optimize the customer journey for the benefit of our customers. 

Customers receive an individually tailored offer that automatically accesses a huge pool of data. What always counts is customer satisfaction - our most important asset. To ensure that customers can shop without worries, we provide comprehensive protection for all personal data at all touchpoints in accordance with the highest and most recent security standards.

The non-personal data collected in the company is made available transparently to our colleagues in all departments to enable them to make the best decisions based on this data. The areas of application range from inventory planning and optimal consumer targeting through various marketing channels to data-based planning of our store rollout.

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About Mister Spex

Founded in 2007, Mister Spex SE is a multi-award-winning company that has become the leading digitally-driven omnichannel optician in Europe. Mister Spex has been at the forefront of industry change, evolving from an online-only player to a successful omnichannel optician with more than 5 million customers, 10 online stores across Europe, and brick-and-mortar retail branches. The focus of Mister Spex is to make the eyewear shopping experience for customers simple, transparent, and fun.

Portrait Tobias Streffer

About Tobias Streffer

Tobias Streffer studied business administration at the universities of Münster, Lund (Sweden) and Urbana-Champaign (USA). After various internships at companies such as Brillux, Ista and Gerling, he worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Berlin, where his responsibilities included corporate development and strategy projects. At Mister Spex, he holds the position of Chief Data & Corporate Development Officer.

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