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Case Study: Crawler Setup To Prevent Data Privacy Violations



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Dirk Hellmann

Partner Future Marketing

Future Marketing Team

A suitable crawler setup can prevent compliance and data protection violations on websites. Future Marketing illustrates what this can look like with the case of a German mobility and transport group.

Companies bear data protection responsibility for their website and must keep track of compliance with technical and legal regulations in order to eliminate potential sources of error - not just once, but constantly.

Consent management is particularly complex when working with external providers. Due to inexperience, lack of transparency, or insufficient monitoring, violations here often remain unnoticed for a long time.

Future Marketing has conducted a case study with their customer, a German mobility and transport group, to show how data violations on externally operated frontends can be reliably avoided with the help of a suitable crawler setup.


● The customer operates a number of external travel portals and is the data protection responsible party. These websites are operated by external service providers in both content and technical matters.

● These service providers are not sufficiently integrated into the organization to be able to comprehensively exercise responsibility under data protection law, which has frequently led to compliance and data protection violations in the past.


● Data protection violations on externally operated frontends due to the loading of tags without valid consent should be limited in order to avoid possible fines.


● Alongside a number of other mitigation measures, a specific crawler setup is used to examine internal and external applications on a regular basis.

● The crawler software can immediately identify and uncover gaps in consent management (such as non-compliant tracking tags), reliably preventing data protection violations and the associated fines.

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FM is one of the leading consultancies for success in future-proof transformations and customer-centric, technology-based data use. Future Marketing advises customers in all areas of their business - from marketing decisions to technology issues and data protection topics.

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About Dirk Hellmann

With over 20 years of advertising experience, Dirk Hellmann is an expert in digital advertising marketing, as well as data privacy and compliance.

As a partner, he has been responsible for FM's Data Privacy Cluster since 2020 and supports companies in implementing data protection measures and building data strategies. Previously, he held positions at E.ON SE, Ströer Digital Media, OMS and AdLINK Internet Media.

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